Sovereign Open-minded People’s Network


SOPN is an unlimited people’s movement for the liberation of humankind from ignorance and (hidden) slavery.


In the Netherlands, the SOPN participates in the coming parliamentary elections of September 12th, 2012. Unlike all other political parties, the SOPN exposes the root causes of all current crises in the fields of finance, economics, ecology, health, and social integration. All these crises result from the fact that politicians do not represent the interests of the people, but those of the banks and the multinationals. The SOPN wants to change this, in about the same way as Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882 - 1945), the 32nd President of the United States of America, tried to do this. Where Roosevelt failed, the SOPN will succeed. The website of the Dutch political party SOPN is (in Dutch). Its party leader is Dr Johan Oldenkamp, founder of the revealing multi-language website To read more about the Dutch political party SOPN or its party leader click here or here.


The SOPN movement, firmly rooted in the Netherlands, aims to liberate our planet and all her residents by overthrowing the powers that be (or were) in a loving and non-violent way. The aim of the SOPN movement is to rebalance all natural processes and to restore a genuine people’s democracy.


The SOPN movement sympathizes with other initiatives that pursue the same objectives, like Anonymous and Occupy. However, the naming of these Occupy camps is rather contradictory, since it are the powers that be (or were) that occupied this planet. In order to undo this, the SOPN movement intends to liberate this (prison) planet. So Liberate Wall Street would have been a much more appropriate name then Occupy Wall Street. What’s in a name? Probably more then most people realize.


Do you consider yourself a sovereign human being? Do you have an open mind? Then join the Sovereign Open-minded People’s Network, the SOPN.


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